A Noble attempt for mobile contact centres

Noble Systems, a global leader in unified contact centre technology solutions is releasing Noble Web Reports, a powerful tool designed to free managers and supervisors from their desks and get them back on the floor where they can manage more effectively.

“Fast, efficient contact centres require real-time management, which means meaningful access to reports and real-time results from handheld devices, laptops, home computers and more,” said Sian Ciabattoni, Marketing Director of Noble Systems EMEA. “With Noble Web Reports, contact centres can stay on target by keeping supervisors and managers informed, regardless of where they are located throughout the day.”

Noble Web Reports makes information from Maestro, Noble Systems’ award-winning management portal, accessible from virtually any web-enabled device. Noble Web Reports allows users to easily access reports and set parameters for customising queries and to view archived or previously run reports at the touch of a button. The Scheduler option allows managers to schedule reports to run at specific times or intervals and push them automatically to their device.

Noble Web Reports is a part of Noble’s mobile management platform, which works with major browser applications, such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc., to connect contact centre managers to their reporting and management data. Due to its flexible architecture, Noble Web Reports is accessible on devices that utilise Android, Windows, Linux or iOS operating systems.