Bug in Singapore Airlines website exposed personal data of customers

Singapore Airlines has announced that a software bug that surfaced during an upgrade to its official website on January 4th allowed frequent flyers to view personal information of other frequent flyers and exposed data of up to 285 flyers before the bug was fixed. Last week, a Singapore Airlines customer, who is a member of […]

Uber fined £385,000 for losing UK customer data

Uber has been fined £385,000 for letting hackers steal data on 2.7 million UK customers. The full names, addresses and phone numbers of users went astray in the 2016 attack. The data had been stolen thanks to “avoidable data security flaws”, said the Information Commissioner’s Office. Uber has also been fined 600,000 euros (£532,000) by […]

Four in ten 18-24 year olds have shared their online banking passwords

Santander research reveals that over four in ten (42 per cent) 18-24 year olds (Generation Z’ers) have shared their online banking passwords while 85 per cent have shared potentially sensitive personal information on social media1 ‘Invisible cinema’2 commissioned by Santander to educate under 25s (U25) about the importance of keeping personal details and passwords secret […]

GCHQ warns on Black Friday cyber-threats to consumers

Black Friday sales could be targeted as “prime pickings” for cyber-crime, the UK’s cyber-security defence agency has warned shoppers. The National Cyber Security Centre, part of the GCHQ intelligence service, is issuing advice to shoppers of the risk of “malicious” online threats. It is the first such official cyber-warning in the run-up to the Christmas […]

Almost half of UK businesses experienced cyber attacks last year

A Government survey conducted last year, as part of the National Cyber Security Programme, revealed 46% of UK businesses experienced at least one cybersecurity breach or attack in 2017. Furthermore, the report also found 66% of cyber attacks occurred in SMEs,  45% occurred in micro businesses and 41% in large companies. With nearly half of the […]

Lloyds replacing some customer debit cards after cyber attacks

Lloyds Banking Group has confirmed it is reissuing debit cards to customers affected by cyber-attacks on Ticketmaster and British Airways. The bank has reissued debit cards to all customers that have made purchases on Ticketmaster’s website. It is also working with BA to establish which customers have had their details compromised during two cyber-attacks. Lloyds said […]

Tumblr patches a flaw that could have exposed users’ account details

Tumblr has published a report admitting the presence of a security vulnerability in its website that could have allowed hackers to steal login credentials and other private information for users’ accounts. The affected information included users email addresses, protected (hashed and salted) account passwords, self-reported location (a feature no longer available), previously used email addresses, last login […]

Name checks to appear on bank payments in bid to combat fraudsters

The name of someone receiving a payment will be as important as their banking details for the first time from next summer, in an attempt to combat fraud. At present, anyone wanting to transfer money enters the intended recipient’s name, account number and sort code. However, the name is not checked. Under plans from the […]